Jet impingement


A video contribution submitted to the Gallery of Fluid Motions of the 67th APS Meeting in San Francisco was published in the Video Gallery of the Conference. The video shows the impingement of a submerged jet on a vertical plate by means of experiments (visualization by the injection of dye) and numerical simulations. The influence of vortices emerging in the shear zone on the local and instantaneous local heat transfer is visualized by a detailed examination of the numerical results. Video Link

Thermo-sensitive paint illustrating jet-to-jet interaction

Latest results from the PhD student Johannes Jörg show the very impressive response of a substrate coated with thermo-sensitive crystals (see video below). The three glass tubes are nozzles through which hot air impinges on the black surface below. Note that the blue color corresponds to a higher temperature then red color.

The immediate color response demonstrates the occurrence of a vortex pair in between two neighboring jets leading to a variation in the local heat transfer coefficient. These vortices and the local variations of the heat transfer coefficient have also been confirmed with fully resolved numerical simulations.



Herman Haustein – Tel Aviv University (Israel)

Wilhelm Schabel – KIT Karlsruhe (Germany)




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